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     The Xiang Tai plastics was established in 2002, adopts the European production technology,
Specializes in developing,producing,and selling car foot mat that made of new materials,as well as other environmental protection auto supplies.
    Our company introduce the advanced international equipment, dedicated to high-end eco-cars ventage r&d and production, fills the domestic enterprise’s blank in the field of high-end car foot mats .It reflects our company’s new concept of scientific management, advanced, low carbon, environmental protection,and green production .

    The company always adheres to the goal of establishing the China first-class production enterprise of car foot mats, constantly forges ahead, arduous innovation, grasps "strive for innovation, scientific management, the original management" principle, with the high quality products, considerate service and reasonable price for customers win-win pattern. At the same time, the company follows the market rules, efforts to innovate and adopt advanced production technology and equipment, also vigorously introduce the domestic and international professional technology and technical talents, and constantly improve the production technique.

    At present, the company has four world advanced production lines. Shenma car mats has reached the leading level in domestic market and ranks the first-class level among the world's car foot mat industries. Nowadays our company also provides Shenma foot mats for many automobile manufacturing companies.

The main technical characteristics of PVC car mat:
(1)Car mat is the place where  drivers step on their feet, thus they are easily get dirty, hard to clean. Shenma Mat possesses the quality of waterproofing, anti-fouling, easy to wash and dry, makes the car got a clean and tidy environment.
(2)Safety, prevent slippery. When driving in rainy days, get on or off the car easily bring in rainwater, common mat become slippy when they get wet,causing driving unsafety. According to the statistics from the traffic department,there are frequent traffic accidents occurred because of  pads sliding. Shenma Mat designs professional antiskid mat ground nailed, ensure the safety and comfortable for the drivers.
(3)Shenma mat, 100% environmental protection. Because of under the special circumstances: narrow space inside the car, poor liquidity. Ordinary mat sends out  harmful gas to human body, it is bad for people’s healthy and easy to mildew bacterium microorganisms. Shenma Mat’s auxiliary materials are harmless and can avoid microbial growth, therefore, it is good for the health.

    We operate in the faith of “the dedication to the environmental protection mat,  create a harmonious society, the unity innovation, scientific strategy, sincere cooperation, create brilliance and the perfect after-sale service to gain your trust”We warmly welcome your enquiry , call or come to negotiate and worke together for better tomorrow.

Add: Fujian province Fuding City Guanling Industrial Park Xiang Tai Road No. 001
Tel: 0086-0593-7590666
Fax: 0086-0593-7657266

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